Bats Can't Be Removed, So Greene County Renter Forced To Move Out

A Greene County woman says she's been forced out of her rental home by bats, and there's nothing she can do about it.

Krystale Holloman says the rental home she shared with her boyfriend and 2-year-old daughter on Railroad Street in Walstonburg is overrun with bats that have soiled the inside of the home.

Holloman says animal control and state wildlife officials told her there's nothing she can do about the problem. That's because bats are a protected species in North Carolina, and the owner of the house says she will not get a special permit required to remove the bats from the living quarters.

Holloman says she had no choice but to move out of the rental property and is staying with family for the time being.

She recalls seeing the first bat after returning home from a Father's Day weekend trip. She says, "It honestly was laying on the floor and it looked like a rat. And then I took my flip flop off and I chunked it at it and when I did the bat flew up at me. So I took off running naturally and I left everything in the home. I was scared."

Holloman says everybody living in the home is going to get checked out by a doctor just to be safe.