Base Sweep Nets Arrests, Narcotics, And Weapons

Courtesy: Lance Cpl. Jackeline Perez Rivera

No stone unturned, Camp Lejeune said a standard health and comfort inspection landed some Marines in handcuffs.

In a recent article made public on, Camp Lejeune Lance Corporal Jackeline Perez Rivera reported a March 3rd sweep of barracks, vehicles, and entry points aboard the base.

Officers said nothing was off-limits from the searches.

Investigators, both with local police and the base, reported finding narcotics, alcohol, and even weapons stashed by Marines.

Canine teams sniffed out nearly 200 personal vehicles while 96 barracks rooms were combed over by inspectors.

Provost Marshall, Major Mark Bailey, said this may be a different approach, but marines can expect similar out-of-the-box tactics to continue.

“This is unprecedented,” said Maj. Bailey. "These types of inspections and other nontraditional methods are being employed like never before."

The article noted of those marines arrested, each will have an individual investigation and be given due process, presumed innocent, if or until proven otherwise.