Arrest Made In Sunday Murder; Probe Continues Into Triple Shooting

An arrest has been made in a murder that deputies say led to a triple shooting yesterday in Duplin County.

Sheriff Blake Wallace says Jabriel Grimes, 20, of Wilmington was charged with accessory after the fact to murder. Nicholas Bennerman was gunned down early Sunday at the Duff Creek Community Center.

Wallace says Wednesday's triple shooting in Greenevers may be connected to Sunday's murder. In the latest shooting, one man was killed and two others wounded.

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The investigation continues into a triple shooting Wednesday afternoon that rocked a small Duplin County town.

One man was killed, while two others were wounded in what deputies say was a shootout on a Greenevers street.

Sheriff Blake Wallace says it appears that the dead man, Trevor Carr, was walking down Pasture Branch Road with 21-year-old Javonte Hill of Greenevers. The sheriff says they met up with 23-year-old Elijah Bennerman along with other people. An argument began and shots were exchanged between at least the three men.

Bennerman and Hill were sent to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington.

Bennerman is the uncle of Nicholas Bennerman, who was killed early Sunday morning at the Duff Creek Community Center. Wallace says they believe Wednesday's shooting was in retaliation for Sunday's murder. He said so far no one has been charged and they are still trying to identify the other people who may have been involved.

Wallace says the area was quiet last night and his deputies will continue to saturate the area.

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Authorities now say one person is dead and two other wounded in a shooting in Duplin County.

Earlier today lawmen told WITN News that two people had died in the shooting on a Greenevers highway.

Sheriff Blake Wallace says the shooting happened on Pasture Branch Road around 1:00 p.m. He says apparently the three men got into some sort of altercation and shots were fired between at least two of the men.

The dead man, 18-year-old Trevor Carr of Greenevers, collapsed at the scene. A second victim ran to a nearby home, while a third person ran and later collapsed on the highway. All three men appear to have been shot multiple times. The two who are still alive were sent to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington.

Wallace says they believe the shooting is related to this weekend's homicide outside of Teachey. He says one of the people wounded today is related to the victim in Sunday's murder.

In that shooting, 21-year-old Nicholas Bennerman died after being wounded at the Duff Creek Community Building early Sunday morning.

The sheriff says all of the shootings are possibly gang related.

Names those injured have yet to be released.

The sheriff is asking for a curfew in the community for the rest of the week and says deputies will have a heavy presence in the area.