UPDATE: Scooter Driver Injured In Crash With Minivan Near Jacksonville

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The Highway Patrol says the driver of a scooter was airlifted to the hospital after colliding with a minivan early Monday morning.

Trooper R.W. West says 49-year-old Kendall Jones of Richlands suffered severe injuries after the wreck on Pony Farm Rd. near Jacksonville. The crash happened in front of the Southwest Volunteer Fire Department.

Jones is expected to survive. He is being treated at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington.

Trooper West says 31-year-old Yontanya Hardison tried passing Jones on his scooter, but the scooter drifted over and collided with the right front side of the van. Hardison was not injured.

Charges are pending in the case.

Emergency crews are working to clear up a vehicle and scooter wreck near Jacksonville as morning commuters hit the road.

Dispatchers confirm with WITN they are responding to a scooter versus vehicle crash along Pony Farm Road, near the Southwest Volunteer Fire Department.

No word yet if there are any injuries in this wreck, but traffic is expected to be slowed in the area.

Stay with WITN as we continue to update you on this developing story in Jacksonville.