Family Fighting To Get Man Temporarily Released From Jail To Attend Dad's Funeral

A father killed in a traffic accident this week will be laid to rest Saturday, but possibly without his son and namesake there to say goodbye. The family says the man's son is in jail and has not been granted temporary release to be at his father's funeral because he has pending felony charges. The Department of Corrections says it's against their policy to release an inmate with pending charges, since its believed they're more of a flight risk.

Kenneth Pollard Sr. died Wednesday on Highway 264 and Sticks Road in Pitt County. Troopers say his vehicle skidded into the path of an 18-wheeler. His son Kenneth Junior is in Neuse correctional Center in Goldsboro and his family hoped he would be released, temporarily to attend the funeral.

"We would like to see the Department of Corrections bring him down to see his father one more time. Any child should be able to see their father when they have passed away no matter what the circumstances are. They bring murderers, rapists other inmates to see their family when they pass away. They should not deny him the right to see his father and someone who took care of him for 18 years." said Christopher Pollard, another son of Kenneth Sr.

The Pollard family says they are contacting the Governor's Office for assistance.

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A pickup truck driver is dead after troopers say he failed to stop at a stop sign and struck an oncoming 18-wheeler.

The crash happened around 7:30 a.m. on Highway 264, east of Greenville.

State troopers say the pickup was heading down Sticks Road, when the driver didn't stop at the stop sign. Kenneth Pollard hit his brakes, and skidded out into the passing 18-wheeler, which was heading east on Highway 264.

The Highway Patrol says Pollard, who lives off Sticks Road, was thrown from his pickup truck. Trooper Steven Ziemba says it appears the 57-year-old man did not have his seat-belt properly secured when the accident happened.

The 18-wheeler jack-knifed, spilling 150 gallons of fuel in a ditch.

Eastbound traffic on the highway was diverted for several hours, but has since reopened.

East Environmental Services are at the wreck cleaning up the fuel spill.

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The Highway Patrol said on Wednesday morning that troopers were on the scene of a fatal wreck on Highway 264.

Dispatchers said troopers were just getting a handle on the wreck around 7:30AM on Wednesday.

We know the wreck happened on Highway 264 near the Poorman's Flea Market, close to the Pitt-Beaufort county line.

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