GREENVILLE: Walmart robber will serve nearly nine years in federal prison

A man police say is a known gang member will serve nearly nine years in federal prison after robbing an Eastern Carolina Walmart.

Anthony Velasco was sentenced in New Bern federal court on Tuesday.

Greenville police say Velasco robbed the Greenville Boulevard Walmart after demanding money from employees at the cash center in the front of the store.

Police got a description of getaway vehicle and chased it to County Home Road near Trafalgar Square Apartment where it crashed.

After getting out of prison, Velasco will be on five years of supervised probation.

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A man police say is a known gang member who has connection with a robbery at a local Walmart will appear in court Monday.

Greenville Police said 22-year-old Anthony Velasco robbed the money center at the Walmart on Greenville Boulevard around 1:20 p.m. Friday.

Officials said witnesses were able to provide Velasco's license plate information along with his car make and model.

Police then spotted the car and began chasing Velasco, which crashed into a cement barrier in a ditch on County Home Road.

Officials said Velasco began running, but was caught and arrested behind Trafalgar Apartments.

Police said Velasco is a member of a gang, known as the Sureno 13 Gang.

Velasco is facing a number of charges, including first degree burglary and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Velasco is being held on a $1 million bond and will make his first court appearance Monday morning.

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Greenville Police say there was an armed robbery Friday afternoon at the Greenville Boulevard Walmart just after 1:00 and the suspect, who they believe is a known gang member, was quickly arrested following a vehicle and foot chase.

Greenville Police Chief Hassen Aden says 22-year-old Anthony Velasco of Tull Road in Greenville robbed the money center around 1:20 p.m.

Witnesses were able to provide the license plate number, car make and model and a witness description.

Police started chasing the vehicle, which crashed into a cement barrier in a ditch on County Home Road and then caught fire. That's when police say Velasco took off on foot and was arrested behind Trafalgar Apartments.

Chief Aden also says Velasco caused at least one other accident while speeding away from the scene.

Officials say that they've confirmed that Velasco is a member of the gang Sureno-13.

The car Velasco was driving was stolen in the overnight hours of June 4th from Lucerne Court in Greenville during a first degree burglary. Detectives have already taken out warrants against Velasco for his involvement in the burglary. More charges are pending.

As for Friday's incident, Velasco is facing a number of charges including first degree burglary, larceny of a motor vehicle, reckless driving to endanger, and robbery with a dangerous weapon among others.

Police say Velasco's bond is set at $1,200,000.

Chief Aden says the 22-year-old has already been linked to several other crimes in the area, and more charges are likely.

Suspect Vehicle catches fire after crash
Road that was blocked off after crash, chase & arrest
Suspect being arrested