Ayden Shooting Victim, Suspected Gunman Now Behind Bars In Same Jail

Dearenta Warren being arrested

There's been another shooting in Ayden, and this time both the suspect and victim are behind bars.

Ayden police say Lakenn Spady was shot in the right leg Wednesday night around 10:00 p.m. Spady told police he got a phone call from a man he didn't know who told him to come out of his Planters Street house. When he did, Spady says he saw a man with a gun and turned around to run when he got shot.

He was taken to Vidant Medical Center for treatment.

Police say after getting a search warrant for the victim's home, they found two guns, several bags of cocaine and individual baggies of pot. When released from Vidant, Spady was charged with cocaine and marijuana possession, along with several other crimes.

Through their investigation, police were able to identify one of those suspected in the shooting. 19-year-old Dearenta Warren of Winterville was charged this morning with attempted murder. Warren told police there were three others with him, including a 14-year-old boy.

Police are still searching for the others, while Warren is also now in Pitt County Detention Center.

Spady is no stranger to police. Just this past Saturday police say Spady was one of two men robbed at a barn on Williams Street. In that case, Spady and another man were robbed when a masked gunman walked into the barn and demanded money from them. No one has been charged in that case.