Ayden BBQ Restaurant On National Top 10 List

One east Carolina barbecue joint has hit the big time when it comes to good eats.

USA Today named The Skylight Inn in Ayden as one of the top ten southern barbecue places in the country.

Owned by the Pete Jones family since 1947, Skylight Inn is known for slow-roasting whole hogs over oak fires in open-air pits.

This is the second national honor bestowed on the family-owned operation in the last two years. In May of 2013, National Geographic Travel Book listed Ayden's Skylight Inn as the second best barbecue in the land.

Other restaurants that made the top ten are sprinkled across the county in cities like Decatur, Memphis, and Tuscaloosa.

Lexington Barbecue in Lexington, North Carolina and Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q in Monroe also made this list.

For the full list of the top ten, click here.