Missing Juvenile Inmate Back In Custody

A missing juvenile inmate is back in state custody after authorities say he didn't return from a home visit.

The Department of Public Safety says the inmate, only identified as "Joshua D.", was apprehended Thursday morning in Halifax County.

The teen, who failed to return to the Dobbs Youth Development Center in Kinston on Sunday, was found in a wooded area in the Lincoln Heights area of Halifax County.

"Joshua D." was returned to secure custody at a juvenile detention center.

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Authorities are searching for a juvenile inmate who didn't return after a home visit in Halifax County.

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Joshua D. was placed in the custody of Dobbs Youth Development Center in Kinston through the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice.

Joshua was last seen Sunday morning at 9:30 on Carver Street in the Lincoln Heights area of Halifax County, according to authorities.

If you see the teen, report the sighting to your local law enforcement.

Division officials say they have a high degree of concern for the safety of both Joshua and the public because juvenile behavior can be unpredictable.