Authorities Credit Proper Car Seat Usage To Saving Baby's Life

Authorities say the lone survivor of a horrible accident Saturday evening was a six month old baby boy who lived because of his car seat.

Gabriel Delisle is back home with his father, while his mother and the three men in the other car all died. The quadruple fatal accident happened Saturday evening on Highway 258, west of Jacksonville.

The Highway Patrol credits the baby's parents for keeping him safe in the car. "The entire passenger compartment was disintegrated, and pushed all the way into the driver's compartment," said Sgt. Shannon Whaley.

But many parents incorrectly install their children's car seat, with 80% of them doing it wrong.

"If they're not installed properly they're not going to work as well as they should. A child could be injured or possibly even worse in the event of a crash," said Susanna Williams with the Jacksonville Fire Department.

Williams, who is the department's division chief for training, is part of a group of certified trainers who help parents learn how to keep their kids safe in cars.

"A lot of people don't realize the importance of whether or not to use the latch system, vs. a seat belt, whether the child needs to be forward facing or rear facing. When do they change from an infant seat to a convertible seat to a booster seat, there is a lot of things involved with making sure a child is restrained properly and that's what we like to teach when we show parents how to install the car seats," said Williams.

To learn more about how to correctly install a car seat, click on the link above, just below the picture.