Attorney General Talks Improved Efficiency At State Crime Lab, RX Drug Abuse

North Carolina's attorney general was in the east Monday morning, working with local law enforcement to make the area safer.

Roy Cooper spoke at the annual training conference for the North Carolina Sheriff's Association, which was held at the New Bern Convention Center.

Cooper talked to law enforcement about the current issues his office is focusing on. The attorney general says his main concerns are the State Forensic Crime Lab, as well as prescription drug abuse.

"We've had over 1,000 deaths in North Carolina this past year, because of abuse of prescription drugs. Sometimes mixing it with alcohol" Cooper says. "We've seen an alarming rise among young people. So now we're fighting to try and make sure that we arrest those who buy and sell prescription drugs illegally, and to educate people about what's going on."

Cooper says they're working to improve efficiency at the state crime lab. He says they need to get more funding for forensic analysis so they can hire more scientists to help speed up the process of turning over evidence.

The attorney general also believes they need to invest in the scientists they already have so they don't go to the private sector for better paying jobs.