At-Large Greenville City Councilman Responds To Criticism About Tax Lien

A Greenville city councilman is now addressing questions about more than half a million dollars in taxes he owes the government. The business practices of current at-large Greenville Councilman Dennis Mitchell were questioned by a resident in a recent article in an editorial piece in a newspaper. It's based on a $527,000 tax lien levied on him by the IRS along with another 23,000 filed this July from the state.

Mitchell's behavorial health business, Restart Incorporated, went under in 2010 nine years after he opened it. He says the closure was due to new state regulations on mental health.

"Of course closing down abruptly and being such a large company it did leave me, the company, with a tremendous debt. As share holders we do have the responsibility to pay that down, which we do have one in place and we're going to make that happen," said Mitchell.

Mitchell says as a small business owner he understands the perils of losing one to the economy. He says he would rather focus on the issues of his campaign to keep his at large seat with the city council.