Assistant School Principal Found Not Guilty Of Assaulting Student

A Pitt County assistant principal, who was charged In November with assaulting a student, is back on the job after being found not guilty.

Greg MacDaid, assistant principal at South Central High School, was charged November 21st with simple assault. The victim in the case was a freshman student and MacDaid was suspended with pay after his arrest.

After being found not guilty on Friday by Judge Brian DeSoto, MacDaid was reinstated at South Central Monday morning.

MacDaid has been with the school district since 1991, and has been at South Central since 2010.

Pitt County Schools statement

Any charges regarding an alleged assault in the Pitt County School System are alarming and such accusations receive immediate attention from district officials. Mr. MacDaid has been a respectable employee of Pitt County Schools for years, and the district worked closely with all parties involved during this process to ensure that he received a fair trial. Judge DeSoto made his decision of not guilty based on the evidence presented, and we are excited to have a quality administrator back in the district’s largest high school.

Previous Story

An assistant principal at a Pitt County school has been charged with simple assault for an incident involving a freshman student, according to school officials.

Greg MacDaid, age 44, is an assistant principal at South Central High School.

He was charged on November 21, and he has been suspended with pay. A Pitt County Schools spokesman says that is the standard practice, that any employee who has criminal charges pending is suspended.

The alleged incident happened November 13. No additional details on what happened are being released at this time.

School officials report MacDaid has been with the district since August of 1991, and he has no previous disciplinary issues on file.

“Mr. MacDaid has been an admirable employee of the district for some time, and we were saddened to hear of these charges," reads a statement released by the school. "District officials have been investigating this matter since it first came to our attention last month. Keep in mind that federal law limits what can be said about specific personnel and student matters, especially those that are related to a criminal investigation. Pitt County Schools and the Board of Education take allegations of assault very seriously, and the district has gathered statements and other evidence related to this allegation from students and staff. We will continue to cooperate with all parties involved until this is resolved.”

MacDaid has also been a teacher at Wahl-Coates, an assistant principal at Grifton, an assistant principal at G.R. Whitefield and assistant principal at Pactolus.