Victim's Family Doesn't Want Arrested Day Care Owner Opening Summer Camp

The mother and grandmother of a three-year-old, who police say was assaulted in a Washington day care center, do not want the owner to operate a summer camp.

Darwin Woolard told us on Wednesday that he was planning to operate the camp and an after-school program at the closed Kingdom Kids Academy in Washington.

Woolard was owner of Kingdom Kids, but he was arrested last month after police say he assaulted a three year old child. The state closed the facility and said due to his arrest, Woolard could not own, operate or work at a child care facility.

While state regulators say it's okay for Woolard to run the camp and after-school program, that's not sitting too well with the family of the victim.

Breeyell Payne says her three year old son, SaeBien, was hit by Woolard.

Payne, and her mother, Evelyn Jennette, met with WITN today. Both women say they are disgusted and can't believe that Woolard is trying to work with kids again. Jennette said the man "should be in jail."

The two said they have viewed the surveillance video, which they say shows Woolard holding the child down by his legs and hitting him. They say the three year old was screaming so much that the child threw up. The mother and grandmother said on the tape they also saw another child picked up by his ear and thrown.

The two women today called the Beaufort County Department of Social Services, asking for a copy of the video to show the severity of the assault. They say Child Protective Services told them they would have to get a subpoena and a judge to order the release of the video.

In the meantime, Woolard says he plans to start his summer camp on Monday and so far ten parents have signed up. He says he plans to have cameras installed and allow parents access to them.

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The owner of a closed day care center, who is accused of assaulting a child, is planning to get back into the child care business, but in a different way.

Darwin Woolard was arrested last month by Washington police. The arrest came after investigators reviewed video from Kingdom Kids Academy on Avon Avenue, which was closed by state officials a couple of days before the arrest.

In a report, state investigators said they confirmed corporal punishment was used on a three year old, who was "popped in the face two times by a provider and a child was pulled by the ear across the carpet."

Now, Woolard says he is opening a summer camp and after-school program for kids at the closed day care center. The camp will be for children 5 to 12 years old.

Because of his arrest, the former Washington city councilman is disqualified from owning, operating or working in a child care facility.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services says it is aware of Woolard's plans. But the state says summer camp and after-school programs are exempt from being licensed as outlined by the state's Child Care Law.

"Most of them know I'm a fair man, I'm a loving man," said Woolard. "I try to treat everybody with respect because I would like people to respect me--like I respect them."

Woolard says he has always worked with children, having a passion for kids. While he says he cannot speak about the charges he faces, Woolard maintains the students in his two programs will be safe.

"I have faith in my God that he will take care of anything that's not right. But I hope nothing else, people will understand and see me as a positive individual through this process and when it's over with," Woolard told us.

His next court date is in July.