Surveillance Video Released In Family Dollar Hold-Up

Police have released surveillance video from this week's robbery of a Family Dollar store in Greenville.

Just before 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, two robbers came into the business on South Memorial Drive, near Arlington Boulevard. One was wearing a hockey mask.

One of the robbers jumped over the counter and took money from two money drawers. Police say the two threatened employees and also demanded money from the store's safe.

Both robbers are described as black males, 18 to 20 years old and both wearing dark clothes. The robber with the hockey mask appeared to be about 6’0" tall with a slender build. The second had a red bandana concealing his face. He appeared to be about 5’10” tall with an average build.

A police dog followed their track to Meridian Park Apartments before it lost the scent.

Anyone with information on the robbery should call Greenville police at 252-329-4315 or you can contact Pitt-Greenville CrimeStoppers at 252-758-7777.

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On Thursday morning, Greenville Police said an overnight armed robbery turned up evidence, but no suspects.

Just before 10PM, on Wednesday, police said the Family Dollar store on South Memorial Drive was robbed at gunpoint.

Investigators said two store employees were in the store at the time.

One robber had a stainless or silver-colored hand gun, according to police. The clerks were threatened as the robbers demanded money from the register and safe.

Police said both men made off with an undisclosed amount of cash, and headed toward to Meridian Park Apartments. That is where police said K-9 units lost the suspects' scent.

Police said both robbers were described as black men between the ages of 18 and 20. One robber is described as about six-feet-tall with a slender build, the other stands nearly five-feet-10-inches tall with an average build. One man was wearing a white hockey mask over his face. The other, according to police, had a red bandanna covering part of his face.

The clerks were not injured, according to investigators.

Detectives are currently looking at store surveillance video.

If you have any information that may help investigators, you are asked to call Pitt-Greenville CrimeStoppers at (252)-758-7777.

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Dispatchers tell WITN that a dollar store on Memorial Drive near the intersection of Arlington Boulevard was robbed overnight.

Dispatchers said it was an armed robbery around 10PM, but could not release any further details.

Greenville police have yet to release any information on the crime.

Stay with WITN as we continue to get more details.