Arctic Birds Being Found On Crystal Coast Dying

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An unusual bird is making its way to our Crystal Coast and dying, and scientists are trying to figure out why.

Dovekies are usually found further north in the arctic. While they are not related to the penguin, they look like a miniature version of one. They wobble around on the sand walking on their two feet, but they are used to living full-time in the sea. They don't do well on land. Possumwood Acres in Onslow County has had about 15 come in the past couple weeks. Unfortunately they are young, hurt, and haven't been able to survive. Many people are finding them stranded on our beach.

"They're really not supposed to be here. When we get them they are very compromised and they need some help. We're not exactly sure what is going on with them. They come in, they seem bright eyed and bushy tailed, very, very healthy and well, and within a couple days we tend to see problems and a lot of them pass," said volunteer Megan Tetreau.

Tetreau says one of the reasons they could be down here is because of an abnormal migration.

If you see a dovekie having a hard time on our shores, experts say call your local bird rescue-like Possumwood Acres. That number is 910-326-6432.