Aquarium Names Rare White Sea Turtle

A rare white turtle has a new name. The North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores has named a white sea turtle hatchling Nimbus.

Aquarium staff spent a month sorting through hundreds of suggested names. Nimbus, they say, means a radiant light or a shining cloud and aquarium staff say the turtle has become a beacon for heightened public interest in sea turtles. All five sea turtle species that frequent North Carolina waters are considered endangered or threatened, according to the aquarium.

The loggerhead's unusual color is the result of a rare genetic alteration similar to albinism.

Aquarium staff say the many suggestions they received included names borrowed from comic book characters, rock stars, television personalities, historic figures and mythological personas, as well as the words "turtle" and "white" in several languages.

Trained volunteers found the turtle in a nest excavation on a Pine Knoll Shores beach Aug. 8.