April: Wetter Or Drier Than Average?

After the showers and below average temperatures we’ve had the past few days, I’m sure many of us are ready to put the month of April in the rear view mirror. But what about the April showers? Have we accumulated enough rainfall to warrant May flowers? I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the spring time blossoms eastern Carolina has to offer and I want to make sure I’m viewing in an average year. My thumbs are far from green and soil’s not area of expertise, so in order to determine the status of this May’s flowers, I turned towards April’s rainfall totals. Here are the current totals for a few cities as well as their past ten year averages;

Greenville: 3.04” (Avg: 1.54”)
Hatteras: 3.36” (Avg: 4.44”)
Jacksonville: 3.16” (Avg: 2.90”)
Morehead City: 5.70” (Avg: 3.67”)
New Bern: 1.74” (Avg: 3.21”)
Rocky Mount: 2.29” (Avg: 2.59”)

Judging by these numbers, the cities of Greenville, Jacksonville and Morehead City are on track for some nice flowers come May. And I’ll throw Rocky Mount in there as well, they are close enough to the April rain average. Hatteras and New Bern do have some catching up to do, but we do have more rain coming later this week. Of course, the premise of this conclusion is based solely on the idea that average rainfall equals average flower blossoming times. Our cooler than average temperatures over the past week could also delay the blossoming periods. However, the saying is “April showers bring May flowers” so, for all intents and purposes, this May is looking like it will be full of flowers.