Applications For New Gun Permits In Pitt County Skyrocket

With possible new gun control measures on the way, the Pitt County Sheriff's Office has been flooded with people applying for their concealed handgun permit.

The long lines continued to grow in Pitt County Tuesday as people waited to fill out forms and be fingerprinted so they could receive their permit.

In 2012 the sheriff's office says nearly 1,500 Pitt County residents purchased their concealed gun permit. Already this year, in just a little over a month, nearly 400 people have been added to that list.

Eric Barfield was among those getting his permit and told us, "I think a lot of people are scared to death on what they are going to try to do, what they government is going to try to do as far as restricting guns."

Sheriff Neil Elks says to apply for a concealed gun permit, residents must first take a gun safety class, fill out a few pages of paperwork and get fingerprinted. After that, he says it can take up to 90 days to get your concealed gun permit.