Anti-Obama Graffiti Painted On Downtown Buildings

Graffiti insulting President Obama has turned up on two buildings right in the middle of a local downtown area.

The two buildings on Wilson Street in the Pitt County town of Fountain were vandalized over the weekend. The graffiti says things like "Obama is the Anti-Christ", "Save us from Obama", and "No more Obama".

WITN spoke with Chuck Gardner whose family owns one of the buildings. He says a Fountain police officer discovered the graffiti Saturday morning.

He says police are investigating and that his family plans to press charges if an arrest is made. Politics aside, Gardner says he thinks it's disrespectful to describe any president in those terms.

"I was highly disturbed because we don't know where this is coming from," says Gardner. "It might be harmless or it might be somebody. There's no telling what and I don't like this type of thing around here cause it scares me."

Gardner says he has made arrangements with the town to paint over the graffiti.