Another Round Of Winter Weather, Another Round Of Accidents

Pitt County Highway Patrol responded to 58 weather-related accidents beginning 6:00 Monday morning.

Road conditions Tuesday morning were especially treacherous. Some say the roads were worse in Pitt County than other neighboring communities.

A thick layer of ice coated the roads and a Winterville fire truck responded to a different car struck every ten minutes.

In Beaufort County, road conditions on Highway 264 fared a little better. Much of the ice and slush there was gone Tuesday morning.

It was a similar story in Lenoir County, leaving many drivers wondering if more could have been done in Pitt County.

Jeremy Stroud, Pitt County Maintenance Engineer, said, "We're at the mercy of the weather and the current conditions right now.The salt and salt brines are only affective no lower than 20, 25 degrees. It's 10:30 right now, it's just starting to get to that point where it's becoming effective."

Stroud said Pitt County's salt supply was at full capacity at the start of the storm. His crews used 225 tons of salt on roads for this round of winter weather.