Woman Says Pit Bull Unjustly Killed By Pitt County Deputy

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A Pitt County woman tells WITN she plans to file a complaint against the Sheriff's Office after a deputy shot and killed her pit bull Wednesday.

It happened at 317 River Road Estates. Ereana Garcia says Deputy Jared Dobbs came into her yard to ask about an incident she may have witnessed.

That's when she says her pit bull Army that she's had for 6 years came out from under the house and began barking at the deputy, who then shot the dog.

The Sheriff's Office says the dog was growling, hissing and showing its teeth and lunged at the deputy who backed away. They say this happened repeatedly until the deputy couldn't back up any more and had no other choice but to shoot the dog.

Sheriff Neil Elks says anytime a deputy discharges a weapon a supervisor investigates it and that's exactly what they're doing in this case.