Amputee Overcomes Challenges To Compete As Runner

Losing a limb is never easy, but one man has tossed his crutches aside to become an athlete and inspiration for others.

16 years ago, Faizal Hamdoon and his family migrated from Sri Lanka to the United States for a better life. Hamdoon's mother said America would provide a chance for better medical treatment.

Hamdoon was diagnosed with a rare bone deformity at birth. It's a cancer with only 400 confirmed cases worldwide. After 10 surgeries and a painful life on crutches, Hamdoon finally decided to amputate his left leg in 2008.

Today Hamdoon, a competitive runner, works with EastPoint Prosthetics in Kinston. The company has outfitted the amputee with nearly $50,000 worth of new gear.

Hamdoon says he just won a bronze medal at the UCO Endeavor Games in Oklahoma. He says he's training for his next competition in California.

The Sri Lankan native is raising money to compete in national events and hopes to make it to the 2016 Paralympics.

Donations can be sent to the EastPoint Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc 213 Airport Road in Kinston. For more information on the runner and how you can help, click the related link.