Already Feeling The Effects From Pollen

For those of you with allergies, it's a sad day when pollen season rolls around. But ready or not-here it comes.

You've probably seen yellow pollen pods forming on pine trees recently. Once they burst, sidewalks, streets and cars will be covered in yellow and green pollen. And we'll all be breathing it in.

At the Carolina Quick Care in Kinston, physicians assistant Paul Kelley says he's already seen several patients with allergy-related symptoms.

Skye Barnett says she's feeling the effects. "I take a deep breath in to get some air, and I feel that little tickle in my nose. So when I start to see signs like that, I know that i need to go to the drug store."

Kelley says it's not so much about being near the pine trees, but about the person's genetic make-up. If you're pre-disposed to allergies or allergic conditions, you're going to be impacted. He says hydration and over the counter medicines should come first, but if symptoms are too severe, seek medical treatment.