City Of Jacksonville Posts Signs Warning Of Alligators After Gator Ate Dog

A huge alligator was killed Wednesday after eating an 80 pound husky. Now the city of Jacksonville is taking extra precautions to keep people, dogs, and reptiles safe by posting signs around Mill Creek.

The 500-plus pound, 12.2 feet long gator was shot three times with a high powered rifle and removed from Mill Creek in Jacksonville Wednesday afternoon.

By Thursday, the city had put up several signs to warn people gators are in the area.

The signs ask people to not feed gators or ducks which can attract gators, and to keep your pets on a leash. North Carolina wildlife officials say only in extreme circumstances do they kill an animal. They say the alligator posed a threat to humans in the area.
WITN's Dan Yesenosky spoke with the owners of a dog eaten by an alligator in Jacksonville Tuesday night near Mill Creek. Amy Matz and Drew Minx shared photos of the approximately 80 pound Siberian Husky named Simba who they say was just 9 months old.

Officials shot and killed the 12.2 feet long alligator Wednesday and recovered the approximately 500 pound carcass of the reptile.

Matz and Minx say Simba was getting a drink from the creek when out of nowhere a massive alligator lunged at him, grabbed him, and pulled the dog underwater.

They say they want others to be aware of the possible dangers lurking in eastern carolina's waters.

"This is a military town. People that move here from up north don't know about alligators. There needs to be something telling everybody, that there's alligators in these lakes," said Matz.

The couple also owns another dog, which is expecting Simba's puppies.

JACKSONVILLE NC -- Authorities say an alligator they believe ate an 80 pound dog has been recovered after being shot.

The alligator is 12.2 feet long. It was shot three times and was recovered this afternoon.

Jacksonville police say a woman was walking her dog on River Street at dusk Tuesday night when the dog went down to Mill Creek and was attacked by the alligator. The dog was not on a leash.

Wildlife officers say the alligator is likely around 50 years old. The woman was not injured.

Police found the alligator around noon Wednesday. It had remnants of the dog in its mouth, according to officers.

After consulting with Raleigh, state wildlife officers gave the go ahead for police to shoot the reptile because of its size. Alligators are protected in North Carolina.

The alligator was shot three times by police, and its was recovered behind the Northwoods Shopping Center this afternoon.

The city is asking people not to feed ducks that gather at the green. They believe the alligators are attracted to the area because of those ducks, which become an attractive meal, according to the city.

Jacksonville says there have also been reports of people actually feeding alligators in Mill Creek, which entices even more gators to frequent the area.