Alarming Number Of Pets Being Dropped Off At Lenoir County Shelter

The Lenoir County animal shelter says it's seeing a huge uptick in drop-offs and pets being abandoned.

Before the shelter even opened Tuesday, 17 cats were dropped off.

It's a problem shelter director Lisa Wrzesinski says got worse during the recent slump in the economy- and she says they've had to make some tough decisions.

Because the shelter is overpopulated, many dogs and cats share a cage with another animal.

Wrzesinski says, It's very overwhelming, especially at this time with puppy and kitten season upon us and so many owners say, "Oops our dog had puppies, we don't want them, take them."

Wrzesinski says, "We don't know where to put them a lot of the times it's very overwhelming, we try to do everything in our power to give every animal that walks in our doors a chance."

In 2013, sixty percent of animals dropped off- survived.

Wrzesinski says pet owners need to know, "When you agree to take in an animal it's not just for the next couple of weeks, it's not just until they get six, it's for the animal's life, they're like your children.

She also says the best way to keep those numbers down are to spay and neuter your pets.