After Nudity In ECU Publications, New Media Dir. Still Supports Big Student Involvement

The East Carolina University Student Media program has a new director following some controversial decisions over the past year. John Harvey will oversee student publications and media outlets on campus including the East Carolinian newspaper and Expressions magazine.

The East Carolinian drew criticism in 2011 for publishing uncensored pictures of a streaker during an ECU football game. Just last year there was more controversy when Expressions published nude pictures of a man and woman.

Harvey says he supports students making the big content decisions, but hopes to offer some insight that will help them in making those choices.

"Is this what your market can handle, and if it is, is it newsworthy? Is it it something that they need to know about? What I want them to do is make decisions based upon basic information so that they're making an informed decision, and once they make that decision, I'm going to back them up."
said Harvey.

Harvey spent 17 years as a newspaper editor before spending the last 15 years in student media at Georgia Southern and Penn State.