ATM Mistakenly Gives Greenville Man $445.00

A Greenville man who tried to make a deposit using the ATM instead had the machine spit hundreds of dollars back at him.

On Sunday Michael Goetz went to the Bank of America ATM close to East Tenth street to deposit $200.00. He had a problem with the ATM and had to restart his transaction. The ATM then gave him back his $200 hundred dollars and an additional $445.00 that wasn't his.

Goetz says he deposited all of the money and notified the bank on Monday. Goetz says as of Wednesday the money was still in his account.

Goetz says, " It's great when you get that extra money and stuff, but people need to know that eventually they are probably going to have to pay it forward and it's best to give it back. A clear conscience is better than a few extra bucks. That $445.00 came from somebody and if they were sitting out there thinking where did my money go and they were having a hard time finding it, they should be aware that there have been some errors and things going on with the teller machines at Bank of America.

According to Goetz, the bank informed him that he is not the first customer that this has happened to and they are working to get the problem fixed.