ARCHIVES: Nebraska Mom Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Her Son

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There are disturbing allegations about an Omaha, Nebraska mother. She's accused of having sex with her teenage child.

The Omaha Police report about it is brief but shocking in just a few words. It tells the story of a mother who didn't play a motherly role. Instead, her now 15-year old son accuses her of having sex with him on a nightly basis when he was in the seventh and eighth grades at the ages of 14 and 15 years old. The boy says his mother was addicted to prescription drugs at the time.

When the sex between the mom and son happened, the teen lived with his mom in Omaha. The mother then temporarily lost custody and moved to Fort Calhoun, and the son moved in with his dad. Our sister station, WOWT in Omaha, spoke with the boy's dad Tuesday night. He says he and his wife just found out about all of this a few weeks ago, but that he had had a gut feeling on previous occasions that something was wrong. It just took time for it to all come out.

The father also says his son is getting help to deal with the abuse. A counselor with the Child Saving Institute says the right help is a necessity in cases of sexual abuse.

Counselor Traci Penrod-McCormick says, "it's important not to discuss too much with the child what's going on because you want to make sure the people who are most trained in these type of circumstances can have that first opportunity to discuss any concerns with them."

But before you can get help, Penrod-McCormick says we must see the signs and that’s something any of us can do. Look for “children that have a marked change in behavior, they may become more withdrawn than normal or they could become more aggressive or having some acting out behaviors."

We are not revealing the mother's name to protect the identity of her son. The 41-year old suspect remains in the Douglas County Jail Tuesday. She faces a charge of felony sexual assault.