Pitt County ABC Closing Two Stores For One

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The state approved one county's plan to combine two liquor stores.

On Wednesday, the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission gave Pitt County the go-ahead to shut down two stores in the Greenville and Winterville areas and combine them into one. However, Assistant Administrator for Pitt County ABC, David Byrum, said that does not mean the two-for-one deal will create a warehouse style ABC Store.

"This is not going to be a mega-store," said Byrum. "Just looking at the sheer volume at the location on Arlington, we can't remodel; there's no room to go left, right, or back. Building a new store is just more feasible to accommodate traffic better."

The Commission approved the county's idea to close two stores: 337 Arlington Boulevard, Greenville, and at 4125-H Old Tar Road, Winterville.

While plans have not been put in place or blueprints drawn, Byrum said the new store will be closer to the intersection of Arlington Boulevard at Fire Tower Road. The two stores will close when the new building is ready to open. Officials anticipate that could be within the next eight months.