A Weather Authority Christmas Miracle

Twas the day before Christmas, and all through Carolina
the ground remained bare, “Snow? I can’t find ya”
The predictions were hung in the weather authority center with care,
In hopes a snow flake would eventually fall, anywhere.

Alas, the forecast called for some showers to our west
While radar trends were light, moderate at best
The air was warm, too warm for snow
and fleeting white Christmas miracles had to be let go

When out on Facebook there arose some chatter,
Marvin sprang from the weather center to see what was the matter.
A flake! A flake! One has been seen!
Camp Lejeune, reported by a Marine!

“It didn’t stick, but made my heart jump
I was hoping for more, maybe even a clump”
The lasting effect caused quite the stir
As Marvin called each meteorologist to confer

"On Jim! On Matt, on Phillip and Charlie
We have reports of snow, how gnarly!?
To the weather center we go, a possible flake!
A commute to WITN how long will it take!?"

The five converged each dawning their forecasting cap
Charlie, the youngest, a little late, caught by a speed trap
Jim loving snow, also wore a smile
"Perhaps there was another one, maybe in Emerald Isle!"

"Sadly, no. it's too warm"
Marvin explained "In eastern Carolina, it's just not the norm"
Despite the sad news Phillip held his head high
"That's okay, next year, those flakes will fly!"

Even if it was just a single flake
The report was real, and 100 times better than holiday pound cake!
From then on their Christmas spirits would beam
"Merry Christmas from your Weather Authority Team!"