Rough Surf Brought Ready Surfers

Hurricane Frances made things a bit windy and soggy for the final summer weekend at our beaches. But few folks here were complaining about it.

The huge swells from Frances were stirring up things on the Crystal Coast. And even though red flags were flying for swimmers and kept many out of the water, hearty surfers loved what they found.

There was a six to eight foot surf for most of the weekend on the South facing beaches of Bogue Banks. That brought hundreds of surfers to Emerald Isle, Pine Knoll Shores and Atlantic Beach. Local surf shops told us the Internet and cell phones put folks just where conditions were the best.

Monday, rain squalls and clouds cooled things off. But that's when the timing got perfect for shops and restaurants off the beach. The weather that held out Saturday and Sunday pushed folks home a bit early. There were long lines of cars headed inland, but not before tourism officials got a first look at the totals for the weekend. Some rentals full, sales brisk, and everyone apparently happy at the end of summer.