Is Red Cross Equipped to Handle a Storm Here?

Its been a rough couple of months for the eastern seaboard thanks to a number of tropical storms and hurricanes.

For Florida, it was Hurricane Charley first, and now Hurricane Frances is forcing the American Red Cross to step efforts up once again. The Pitt County Chapter of the Red Cross sent supplies when Charley hit, and they will send more supplies after Frances, but that begs the question, will Eastern Carolina have enough supplies, should a storm come our way. Red Cross officials say they are still well equipped to handle any storm here, but there are always steps you can take to help yourself. Officials add to not be caught off guard. Have your own disaster kits ready should Hurricane Ivan come to Eastern Carolina.

Red Cross officials are always accepting monetary donations, which they say are best for these types of situations. Also if you would like to volunteer you can call 252-355-3800.