After Game Fight Could End Future Match-Ups For NCCU & A&T Teams

The rivalry between North Carolina Central and North Carolina A&T is in peril because of a fight at the end of Saturday night's game.

The bench-clearing, helmet-swinging fight so enraged A&T athletics director DeLores "Dee" Todd that she said the two schools likely would take a "cooling-off period" from continuing the series.

The fight lasted several minutes and left dozens of players lying on the field.

Police from both schools ran in after several minutes and broke up the fight using pepper spray. An NCCU player lay on the ground outside of the locker room vomiting after the fight as trainers worked feverishly to wash out his eyes.

So far, no arrests have been reported and no injuries were reported as a result of the fight.

The game was billed as the return of a rivalry that dates back to 1924. It was the teams' first meeting since NCCU beat A&T 23-22 in the 2005 Aggie-Eagle Classic.