Kerry Supporters Back His War Record

The Kerry campaign is still doing damage control after attack ads aimed at his war record, but they are doing it here in Eastern Carolina.

Two of presidential hopeful John Kerry's fellow Vietnam veterans were in Eastern Carolina talking to the general public, giving insight on their friend and answering a field of questions. We got a chance to speak with Skip Barker, a fellow swift boat captain, via phone, and here's what he had to say about the advertisements criticizing John Kerry's service record in Vietnam.

He said, "I think its unfortunate and unseemly and sad that certain veterans are being misused. I think if you go back and look at the records created in '68 and '69, the reports and applications written for his medals received, you have an unbiased record created by professional men. There was no political agenda at that time. His character is beyond reproach."

Kerry's fellow veterans were in Greenville at the Golden Corral before heading to Goldsboro, and then to Fayetteville.