R.V. Vacationers Also Looking Out For T.S. Gabrielle

Coastal residents are not the only ones looking out for Gabrielle.

The Twin Lakes Camping Ground in Beaufort County is a popular R.V. site for vacationers and even permanent residents. And many of them are keeping a close watch on what Gabrielle could do.

The resort is between two lakes and residents say flooding is a common problem during hurricane season.

The Cannon's camper sits near the lake and they've left it on the premises for the past three years. Shirley Cannon says they only have one concern for their R.V. if Gabrielle comes ashore.

"We're lower to the than a lot of them so it would be the water coming up underneath the camper type thing. The table is fairly heavy so unless it was strong, strong winds. I don't think it would go anyway. But the water would be the main thing for us, if it would come underneath the camper." says Shirley Cannon of Pitt County.

Residents tell us a lot of vacationers are already packing up. Forecasters say there could be four foot storm swells in Beaufort County.