Republican Candidate For Governor Campaigns In The East

Around 35 people gathered in Martin County Wednesday lending an ear to a man running for North Carolina Governor.

Republican Fred Smith met with folks from around eastern Carolina over a barbecue lunch to discuss concerns of the state. Smith is currently a state senator representing Johnston County. He has served as a senator since 2002. Smith told us that the concerns he hears about on the campaign trail are pretty consistent across the state. Smith says, "We have to control government spending so we can create jobs. We need to be building roads, and making sure that we have safe streets, safe homes, and safe schools. Those topics are pretty common all across our state. "

Smith declared his candidacy in March and has been traveling the state campaigning ever since. Also seeking the Republican nomination are lawyer Bill Graham and former Associate Justice for the N.C. Court of Appeals, Bob Orr.

The election for Governor will take place in November of 2008.