Traffic Changes At Pitt County Memorial Hospital

A traffic heads up if your travels take you to Pitt County Memorial Hospital on Friday. The hospital has released this traffic alert:

Part of the new stretch of Moye Boulevard in the vicinity of Pitt County Memorial Hospital will open for the first time to traffic. The section stretches from the entrance to the Ronald McDonald House to the intersection of Main Boulevard and Farm Drive.

The newly opened portion of Moye Boulevard will, during this current phase of Moye construction, merge into a new section of Main Boulevard immediately before the traffic signal at the PCMH main entrance. All visitor and employee parking along Main Boulevard will remain open.

Sidewalks will run along both sides of the new Moye, with full handicap accessibility.

Traffic turning off Stantonsburg Road onto Farm Drive, in the vicinity of Venture Tower, will no longer be able to continue through the Venture Tower Drive intersection. All through-traffic coming from Stantonsburg onto Farm Drive will now have to turn right onto Venture Tower Drive.

For the next month, the intersection of the new and old Moye Boulevard immediately in front of the Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center will be closed to traffic. Construction at that intersection will create ongoing traffic-pattern changes along the old section of Moye; drivers should exercise caution.

Once the reconfigured, five-lane Moye Boulevard is completed later this year, it will arc around the East Carolina Heart Institute and neighboring Central Utility Plant to once again connect N.C. 43/Fifth Street Extension to Stantonsburg Drive. The two-lane section of the old Moye Boulevard running now beside the heart institute will then be closed permanently to vehicle traffic.