Mixed Feeling About The First Day Of School

We know the best part of going back to school is getting new supplies and clothing, but the trade off is no more late nights and the return of homework. We talked to students and parents about how they feel about the first day of schools.

Terrell Martin, A 10th grader at D. H. Conley says, " I don't think I'm really ready for it. I'm gonna miss hanging with my friends everyday."

Aaron Martin, a 7th grader at G.R. Whitfield says, " I want to go back to school during the summer, but, now I don't want to go back."

Parents are also skeptical. Donna Davis likes to have her son Patrick at home and says it's hard to send her child to another school for the first time, especially because of the district changes in Pitt County.

Patrick, Donna's son, who will enter the 6th grade at C.M. Eppes says he'll miss being at home all the time.