Storage Tanks Catch Fire At Lenoir Plant

Firefighters needed five hours to put out a fire that struck the storage tanks at a Lenoir plant on Saturday.

The Lenoir Fire Department responded to the blaze at 3 p.m. after an off-duty firefighter was walking near the company and saw smoke near Foothills Bio-Energies.

The fire started in storage tanks holding chicken fat and soybean oil outside the building. The company uses the liquids to make bio-diesel fuel.

Fire Chief Ed Carswell says one-third of the two 9,000-gallon tanks were on fire. Some of the liquids in the holding tanks spilled out. Although firefighters were able to prevent most of the liquid from going into the stream at the back of the property, Carswell says some of the liquids did spill into the stream.

Foothills owner Randy Dellinger says he plans to be open for business in just a few days.