300 Million Dollar Powerball Drawing Is The Largest In NC

Powerball Fever soars to record heights in North Carolina! The jackpot for Saturday night's drawing is worth an estimated $300 million dollars and fortune seekers are buying up tickets, left and right!

Saturday afternoon, The Mills Market off Highway 43 in Pitt County rung up numbers and quick picks for customers all day. With the powerball jackpot at estimated 300 million this has kept the clerk busy.

To date, this is the largest payout offered to North Carolina players since the North Carolina Education Lottery joined Powerball in may 2006. Lottery Lovers we spoke to say they have a stragedy to picking and winning.

Mike Kocsis of Pitt County says, "I've been running around Greenville buying 2 tickets here to two tickets there."

And William Wooten, also from Pitt County says, "I always examine the numbers and look at them, rewrite it but not in the same place."

According to North Carolina Lottery Officials this Is currently the largest lottery jackpot in the world. You can watch the Powerball drawing live Saturday night at WITN news at 11.