16 Year Old Bride Can't Get Toys Back

A 16-year-old girl who married her 40-year-old former teacher can't get her toys back from her parents.

A judge says Windy Wuchae cannot force her parents to return her
Beanie Baby collection, PlayStation and other items.

The girl sued her parents, Dennis and Betty Hager, for items valued at more than $1,000 they kept after she moved out to marry Brenton Wuchae, her cross-country coach at South Brunswick High

Magistrate Deborah Ramphal dismissed the case.

Brenton Wuchae resigned in June the day he married Windy. The couple works at a grocery store in Oak Island, where both families

The Hagers say they reluctantly signed consent forms for marriage. They've sued the school system, saying it failed to adequately investigate Wuchae.