Carteret County Drug Dealer Arrested

More drugs will be off the streets in Carteret County.

The narcotics department from the Carteret Sheriff's Office busted a major drug trafficker in the western part of the county Friday morning.

Milton Williams and three others were arrested on various charges including trafficking cocaine.

Detectives say they have been following Williams for the last three and a half years.

They say he was a major distributors in Carteret County.

Detectives seized 1 pound 6 ounces of powder cocaine and 14 ounces of crack cocaine.

They also found almost 92 thousand dollars in cash, 3 hand guns and three cars.

Sheriff Asa Buck says this will help clean up the streets in Carteret County.

Each have issued a five hundred thousand dollar bond.

The Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force from Wilmington assisted in the bust.