Highway Patrol Hits Back Roads To Snag Overweight Trucks

Truck drivers can ride, but they can't hide.

Truckers trying to skip interstate weigh stations may run into state troopers patrolling North Carolina's back roads.

More than 30 troopers fanned out near Hillsborough and Graham Tuesday, scanning alternate routes for Interstate 85 to see whether big-rig drivers are using the roads to avoid scales on the interstate.

Massive trucks are blamed for a major part of the wear and tear on the state's highways, so the state imposes weight restrictions that are checked periodically at stations along the interstates.

Early Tuesday, troopers began stopping and weighing trucks hauling gravel, timber and other commodities on U.S. 70, N.C. 49 and other roads near the I-85 weigh station. The effort continues through Thursday.