Nifong Complains About NC State Bar's Handling Of His Ethics Case

When former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong mailed in his law license last week, that wasn't all he sent.

Included in the mailing was a note bemoaning what he called the fundamental unfairness of the North Carolina State Bar's handling of his ethics case.

Nifong was disbarred for his handling of rape charges against three Duke University men's lacrosse players. State prosecutors later dismissed the charges and declared the players innocent.

The News & Observer of Raleigh obtained a copy of the letter dated August 7. Nifong complains about a revision the State Bar issued to its written ruling, which had omitted one of the counts included in an oral ruling. He called it further evidence of the unfairness of the procedure.

During the disciplinary hearing, Nifong said through his attorney that it was a full and fair hearing of the facts and that disbarment was the appropriate punishment.