Bloggers Attack Time Magazine For Billy Graham Cover

Internet bloggers see something devilish on this week's cover of Time magazine.

Some are accusing the magazine of putting horns on evangelist Billy Graham.

On the cover, Graham appears to be in thought with his hands clasped. The image is from his left, and the "M" in the magazine's logo appears behind his head, partially obscured and forming what looks like horns sticking out.

Conservative blogger John Ruskin suggests that the image is not a mistake.

This week's cover story focuses on Graham's 50-plus years as a pastor and sometimes political adviser to a parade of presidents. The article was adapted from a new book, "The Preacher and the Presidents," by Time's Michael Duffy and Nancy Gibbs.

There's been no comment from Graham's people. A Time spokesman
says any resemblance between the "M" and horns is coincidental.