Older Building Codes Could Put You At Risk

Old building codes are part of the reason the strong winds in Goldsboro, Wayne County caused so much damage Friday.

Winds as high as 85 to 90 miles-per-hour ripped off the roof at the Days Inn and flipped over some trailers. The National Weather Service says the roof of the motel didn't have roof straps like newer buildings are required to have, but says it was up to code when it was first built.

That hotel is not the only building or home that doesn't meet today's building code requirements. Where you live or work could put you endanger because it would fail today's standards.

Greenville chief building inspector Les Everett, says an unstrapped trailer home in a storm, is a disaster waiting to happen.

Everett says too many buildings and mobile homes are just not up to code in the east because they're grandfathered in to the codes when they were built.