Rocky Mount Warning Those Not Heeding Water Restrictions

Rocky Mount---and those communities that rely on its water and in their third day of mandatory water restrictions.

The restrictions began Saturday and so far they're received 17 reports of violations. Out of those 17, city police have issued seven warnings. The city says repeat offenders will be fined.

The mandatory restrictions come as Rocky Mount's water reservoir had dropped to 50% capacity.

Mandatory conservation measures include the restriction of:

· Watering lawns, plantings, and gardens. The use of automated sprinkler systems is prohibited at all times. Residents may use a handheld hose or container or a drip irrigation system between the hours of 6:00 and 9:00 pm, according to the following geographic and time limitations:

§ Wednesdays & Saturdays - residents of areas EAST of Hwy. 301-Bypass/Wesleyan Blvd.
§ Thursdays & Sundays - residents of areas WEST of Hwy. 301-Bypass/Wesleyan Blvd.

· Filling swimming pools or other water retaining pools. Private and public swimming pools that are currently operational may stay in use. Pools may not be drained and refilled. The Denton Street Pool and the Senior Center pool will remain open. The spraygrounds at both Sunset Park and South Rocky Mount Community Center will close at the end of business on Friday, August 10.

· Using water to wash outside areas for any purpose other than public safety. This restriction includes the use of water for dust control or pressure washing.

· Washing vehicles at any place other than a commercial washing facility.

· Withdrawing water directly from the Tar River Reservoir for any purpose is prohibited.

· Serving water in restaurants except upon request by patrons.

These restrictions apply to all water customers of the City of Rocky Mount, including resale customers.

The City of Rocky Mount provides water to both Nash and Edgecombe Counties, as well as the municipalities of Nashville, Sharpsburg, Whitakers, and Dortches.

Certain conditions and exceptions apply in the case of these restrictions. Some types of commercial establishments, such as healthcare facilities, plant nurseries, automotive dealerships, and sanitary services, are subject to modified restrictions. Automotive dealerships may wash vehicles at the site of their business when the vehicles are first received and at the point of sale or lease.

The Rocky Mount Police Department will enforce these restrictions, per City Code (Ch. 2, Art. 5). Repeat offenders will be subject to fines.

Residents may call Rocky Mount Public Utilities Dispatch at (252) 972-1278 with questions or to report possible violations.

Source: City of Rocky Mount