911 Upgrades In Onslow County

The folks who answer your 911 calls in Onslow County have some new equipment to better serve the public.

Dispatchers work 12-hour days and their stations were very uncomfortable and their computer screens were hard on their eyes.

They got brand new stations and also a piece of equipment that will help them get help to you faster when you have an emergency.

Ray Silance is the 911 division chief and says, "We have purchased a new recording system. It gives us an instant recall on the desktop. When you call 911 and the phone goes dead we can pull up the recording instantly. That way we can get you help."

The upgrade cost $275,000 and was funded from the 911 surcharge you pay.

The next big change they are working on is the next generation 911. One day soon you will be able to text or send video to dispatchers when you have an emergency.