Power Companies Want You To Conserve

North Carolina's largest electric utilities are approaching record demand this afternoon as triple-digit temperatures across the Southeast strain electricity grids.

Tanya Evans is a spokeswoman for Progress Energy. She says the company forecast a record-breaking day for energy demand and is asking customers to reduce consumption to help ease the strain. Progress Energy set its previous record in July 2005.

The North Carolina Electric Cooperatives also asked customers to conserve amid record usage.

You can help by turning off or adjust the following:
· Unnecessary lights
· Stereos, VCRs/DVD players, televisions (use a battery-powered radio to get information)
· Electric range and oven
· Dishwashers, washing machines and dryers (postpone use until heat wave is over)
· Personal computers
· Air conditioners (turn them off, or raise your thermostat to the highest comfortable setting)